Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!

I actually don't really care for this 'holiday'. Some people, companies, and bloggers are good at not making you feel stupid by just posting something clever or off of their normal 'brand'. I don't find joy in making other feel foolish. It's kind of rude, no? Speaking of rude: Going through my bloglovin today, there were a lot of April Fools themed posts from bloggers, so this isn't totally out of the blue. I definitely thought a blogger was posting an April Fools OOTD, only to realize she wasn't. oops. Glad I didn't comment on how hilarious her outfit was! Then I really would have been the fool! 

Apartment Therapy is going crazy today! I actually kind of wish this existed, mostly because I find it really odd to compare your growing child to food items. Watch out for yourself out there!

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