Monday, March 24, 2014


Man, I really didn't mean to go 20 days without a blog! I have some half-assed drafts in my posts but nothing worth posting, at least not yet! ;)
I was out of state all last week for Dr. Chris' Spring Break! We headed out to sunny LA to visit my best friend ten days ago and I am currently trying to get over my jetlag! We had a blast visiting, eating, and drinking. I think a fast or a cleanse are in order, or just getting back to my usual gallon of water a day. Seriously, I've been back to my 'normal' routine and I swear I've had like 5 gallons of water since we've been back. Ah, few things feel better than to come home to a clean house, take a nice long shower and slip into your clean sheets. Does anyone else do a full house clean up before they leave? You should! It's the best! Hopefully I'll be back to a regular posting schedule soon. But who am I kidding? Only my mom reads this! Love you!

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