Thursday, March 27, 2014

LA: What I Did

I mean that mostly sums it up. I don't think I have ever eaten out that much! I'll just set that topic aside for now. We saw The Groundlings on Saturday which was a BLAST! I mean I love Saturday Night Live and I lived for it as a kid, so it was really cool to see how so many cast members got their start. We went to Santa Monica which was a very long drive since it was GORGEOUS and everyone wanted to go to the beach. Then we went BACK on Monday to go out on the Pier
We got an awesome opportunity to check out Universal Studios sound stages and got to run into the park and jump to the front of the line for the Transformers ride! (Which after finding that link people are really hyping it up, maybe too much for a 3D ride) One of Heather's friends works for Universal and got us in, and we got a personal tour, with our own golf cart! It was so much fun! We later got to see Chelsea Lately with Jayma Mays which aired on Tuesday! We weren't allowed to take any pics though! :( But it was really cool, and poor Chris was one of maybe five guys in the audience!
We then journeyed up to San Luis Obispo to stay with one of our friends parents. It was really nice to see all the beautiful countryside in California! It looked like we were in Scotland or something, it was all so green and hilly or mountainous. Obviously have never been in Scotland so this is just how I would imagine it but probably cooler and cloudier? Apparently green + hilly = Scotland to me. Anyway it was so gorgeous up there and we did a lot of wine tasting
We made the long trek back, stopping again in Santa Barbara because it is just SO beautiful there! And then we hopped on a plane and came back home to our little baby Kona! We had a lot of fun but it feels so good to be home and eat our own food! I wish Spring had followed me here so I wouldn't have to put my winter coat on again but it was a really great break! Have you been in California? Where should we visit next? 

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