Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Caribbean Jerk Chicken Salad

In an attempt to 'be good' before our trip to LA we've been trying to incorporate more salads and good foods into our diets. In reality, I have pretty much just stopped making cookies and that will probably do the trick! But the other day I made this salad and I have been loving my left overs! It throws together very quickly and it's delish!

I marinated some chicken in a Caribbean Jerk marinade and then started chopping up my veggies!
I used about half a red pepper, shredded several baby carrots, half a mango, half an avocado, and a little purple onion, and some cilantro. After the chicken was marinated and grilled I chopped up some red lettuce and topped with all my fixings, salt, pepper and a little cayenne and some balsamic vinaigrette and I am good to go! So good! So full of different flavors and I'm stuffed! Do you have a go-to salad? Leave it below!


  1. Did you make the marinade or did you buy it and if you did which brand did you use? I hardly every marinate anything any more so I could use some tips. I love the mango idea. My mouth is watering!

    1. KC Masterpiece baby! http://www.kcmasterpiece.com/mar_caribbeanjerk/


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