Wednesday, February 5, 2014

ULTA-mate Obsession

Okay so if you've been reading this for the past month or so you'll have noted that I may have a shopping problem, and lately that problem has been mostly residing with ULTA. Sephora is not to be counted out, they are just as much a part of the problem but ULTA, she is my chocolate. Something you love, but really shouldn't have too much of. The main reason for this is the dreaded and wonderful GIFT WITH PURCHASE. An $80 value for FREE!? WHAT!? That is my JAM! There is a promo going on right now if you're anything like me and love that kind of thing...
With my resent attempt at restraint I have not purchased this. (Although I will say I refilled some empties with their 20% your whole order, which, if I'm good, you'll see in my February Purchase history!) With that being said I have a TON of samples! I love them and actually use them. I always tell my sister about them and other people that ask me about beauty stuff so I figured I should try and share here. Write what you love right?

Be looking for my beauty history and sample reviews! What are your shopping weaknesses? What are your favorite makeup brands? What would you like reviewed?

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