Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Too much!

I can't believe it's already several days into February! I feel like we have had so much going on in our household! We went home to Charlotte, ate some yummy food, went shopping, (more on that later*) and had several doggy play dates.
Have had maybe too many drink nights with friends, got bitten by my bike, played in the snow(!), had a (kind of) last happy hour,** made a really delicious meal, felt sick (unrelated), ate out, more happy hours, {oh my, this sounds like a problem}, played paintball, watched the SleepySuperBowl, and on top of that I have started training for the Tarheel Ten Miler!  
 Yes, I actually signed up for the Tarheel Ten Miler. I have been wanting to do a long race for a while and finally knocked up the courage to just do it. Training has been a little sad since I haven't truly gotten back into working out but I've been running regularly, at a very sad slow pace but it takes time! Luckily, Nike+ has been a good friend as well as FITRadio. Those 2 apps have really come in handy for me. 

And I played paintball with the boys! Yes, I was the only girl and I actually had a lot of fun! Unfortunately that kind of activity does not really allow for a lot of pictures to be taken, so we only have one after pic on our way back home. I got hit maybe four times, probably more that just didn't explode, but otherwise it was really fun. It does kind of sting to be hit but you're just totally in the moment you forget about it until you see a bruise form. I was totally exhausted after that and feel asleep on our friends floor 'watching the Super Bowl'.  I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!

*On the shopping, I was really good! I bought a tablecloth to see how it would look in our space and it was just too much for our little eating area, and it will be returned. So technically, I didn't buy anything outside of food in the month of January! Pretty good! I love how Modern Eve does a purchase history, and I wanted to start this last year {whoops} but obviously I never started. 

**On Tuesdays Tobacco Road used to have buy anything $2.5+ and get Happy Hour food for $3, impressive? Well everyday they have $2.5 drafts! So you get a whole meal for 6 bucks! Their HH food is full burgers, full salads, large apps, it was ridiculous. Unfortunately, they stopped allowing the $2.5 drink be your ticket to getting cheap food too. Whatever, we'll probably still go. 

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