Monday, February 17, 2014


Seriously, I can't believe we had a snow day. We were sitting down for our monthly birthday lunch and we saw a few flurries and then the windows turned WHITE! I don't know if I have ever seen snow come down that fast! I finally realized why people in North Carolina freak out when it snows, it's because North Carolina is severely under prepared for snow, there are no snow plows! When I lived in Virginia they had giant plows at the ready. When I went to walk Kona I saw one measly pickup with a plow attachment clearing the roads.
I left work around 1:30 to walk home with Chris and one of his co-residents. Yep, you read it correctly, we walked the 3 miles home in the snow. He was kicked off a bus before we made the trek home. Even though we slipped and slid pretty much the whole way in tights and booties but we made it! We saw so many people already abandoning their cars and lots of students walking back with 12 packs of beer. It was quite the adventure, we thought about a pit stop at Tobacco Road for some shots, you know, to warm us up but they were closing already. Luckily they still let us use it as a pit stop to warm up.
When we made it home I went to work cleaning everything in our house just in case our house decided to power down. Kona was very pleasantly surprised to have us both home so early and went to work licking all the snow! We had the next day off as well, I gave myself a little spa day and started in on some deep cleaning since I had done a surface clean the day before. We got a lot of work done and then had some hungry neighbors over for dinner. Unfortunately that little truck I saw didn't come through our neighborhood so it wasn't super safe to drive through. Thankfully Chris and I are Costco aficionados and had a fridge full of food, a mostly full wine rack and blender full of margs!

I got to go in on the second half of the day when the buses started up again and it was business as usual. And in regular North Carolina fashion the snow was pretty much completely melted by Saturday.

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