Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Beauty Life

As promised here is my brief beauty life:

I rarely wore make up or even barely shaved my legs till high school. (I'm basically hairless, people ask if I shave my arms) I would dabble in make up here and there and curl my hair, my LORD would I curl my hair! Hot curlers all the way!! But since my naturally beautiful big sister didn't wear make up neither did I.

As I entered high school while I was pretty mild natured, my skin was the one that decided to rebel. Looking back it was pretty mild to moderate acne but it was still pretty traumatizing to me. I went to unkind dermatologists who prescribed burning topical treatments, which obviously I did not want to use. How is something supposed to heal you when it hurts so much? I pretty much turned to covering it up. I was not skilled in this craft. I still remember using a CoverGirl compact and hating having to spend my well earned dollars on having a clear looking face. I did start to dabble a bit more when I started cheerleading. I still pretty much never used it unless it was for a game or competition but it had its place. I don't even remember really doing anything special for Homecomings or even Prom. I still really liked to curl my hair, life long dream to have curly hair here. I remember trying to do those old school pin curls and ending up with a weird frizzy mess. (luckily that was a weekend experiment) I liked to do other girls hair and did some for Proms and homecomings but it wasn't a passion, more a hobby at the time. 
In college I was still learning. I always felt better with something on, I learned more about eye liner, straighteners, eyelash curlers, teeth whiteners, bronzers, oh girl, bronzers, and looking back I wasn't a lush but I sure look it with those rosey rosey cheeks! Living with more girls and being in a sorority I learned and saw a bit more but it still wasn't the full blown obsession it is today. 
{early college}
 {Later college}
{That fateful Halloween!} 
It wasn't until after college I really got into makeup. My sisters best friend Nikki took us both to the MAC counter for some Halloween makeup fun. There I fell in love. The obsession began, it wasn't long until I was searching for the best item for my skin and what tones of skin I have, what eye shape I have and forming a maybe unhealthy relationship with YouTube beauty gurus. 

So there you have it, I am by no means an expert but I have tried a lot of things and I regularly get questions about items I use and what works. So I'm here to share. We're all in this together! Trying to make us look on the outside how we feel on the inside! (Apparently sometimes I'm a drag queen on the inside!)

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