Friday, February 28, 2014

February Purchase History

Are we counting items I have returned as well? I might as well do a review right? I bought these dresses in mint and pink from LuLu's and they were just a smidge too small! heartbreak. For anyone wondering I'm 5'2 32/26/36; the main problem was the waist was too high which made my waist look bigger than it is. Luckily LuLu's has a pretty good return policy. I say pretty good because it's free shipping back to them if you get it postmarked within 7 days of receiving the package. After you have 30 days and you're out $7. LAME. Especially since there have been snow days and UPS hasn't been doing the greatest job of getting packages to us lately. Not sure if I'll ever order anything from them since I have never once kept anything I've ordered.
I went on a little Ulta shop during their 20% off everything sale and got all that is below:
I got three set of the rollers since I have regularly been doing my hair with my old ones I noticed my hair got caught in my old ones a lot and wanted a whole set of velcro. They have been working like a charm! Yes I got 2 blue nail polishes, and I love this kind of Sally Hansen, they regularly go on sale for 2.99 and I love the brush and they fact that I usually only have to do one coat is a dream! The Maracuja Oil and the POREfessional are new items for me. I haven't tried the Maracuja Oil but I wanted to snatch it up while it was 20% off. I have been using the POREfessional everyday since I got it and I really love it! It's a tan color and I feel like it really smooths out my face. The Effaclar is a refill of my old face wash, the only problem with this wash is that I can't see how much I have left! But I LOVE this face wash, my face feels SO clean after I use it. I would definitely recommend it to someone with combination skin with acne issues. I will say yes it is price BUT you really only need less than a pea size to thoroughly cleanse your face, seriously!

When I went to VA I did some damage at Forever21... 
 I really love basics so when I saw this gray dress I knew I had to try it and I love the close fit. I thought it would look really great with this long vest tied together with a belt and a scarf for some comfy but cute travel clothes. I also snagged this plain black pencil skirt, given I would probably never wear this to work since it's a cotton skirt I thought it would be cute when we're going out and I want to be pulled together but more casual and I think it might push me towards trying more crop tops. And finally I went for some classic comfort, the sweatshirt I got is actually gray has a red on black 'M' on it and I LOVE it. Finally a Gryffindor sweatshirt because as an adult I still love Harry Potter. 

And then once more went to Ulta, I forgot a few things, mostly fake tan, can you tell? I really wanted to try different one's to see which ones are the best!
I wanted to try the Lorac one because I had heard a lot of good things about it! So far I am very pleased! I had also heard good things about the Bare Minerals one so I decided to add it to the cart! If you know anything about fake tanning you know you really need to exfoliate before so I got this sugar scrub. I've seen this a lot and I got the classic and it exfoliates nicely but the sugar smell is quite strong, almost to the point of being sickly but not quite, I probably wouldn't repurchase this one but it works so well I would try other scents. I got 2 free samples with my purchases, one went with my Lorac purchase and the St. Topez came with a coupon code. I hear this one is really great and I'm excited to try it! Finally I got a replacement for one of my favorite old nail polishes, of course the day I got my first Ulta purchase I got to paint my nails and this one was super gloopy! :( Don't be fooled it was SUPER old, probably from high school, I think it was its time to go. 

Okay that's all a little embarrassing! But hopefully this help to curb my habit in the future and maybe you got some good info from my mini reviews! I'll try to post an update about the tanning products when I get a chance to try them! Thanks for reading!!

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