Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby Shower

This weekend my sister Noelle and I drove up to Virginia for our very good friends baby shower. Noelle came in right when I got home so we made a couple cookies for the road, and made the 5 hour trek to VA. We had probably too many stops on the way, with a baby, our own bladders and food needs we probably made 5 or 6 stops. Oops. But we made it and then proceeded to stay up til about 3 or 4 in the morning.
We were treated to one of the best breakfasts we've ever had and made our way to the mall. When you've lived in a place with good shopping and it's then taken away from you sometimes you just need to be surrounded by options. Hopefully I'll remember to write about these purchases in my Monthly Roundup. After, we went straight to Honey Pig where we met up with some friends and ate some delicious Korean BBQ. We had fun but oh boy did those little boys have fun!
 The place was packed, and no wonder, the food was delicious! After our bellies were sufficiently full we went home and rested it off by having some wonderful mug cakes! haha! You never say no to a pregnant woman right?? The next day we got up (late) had a quick breakfast and got ready for the shower! Jackson really wanted to get beautified as well...
The shower was held at Bazin's right by my old church! It was so nice, the food was excellent and our friend is more than set for her baby! She didn't want to know the sex of her baby so there was a lot of yellow, and green, and Burberry, that's gender neutral no? It was so nice to see some old friends and catch up even if it was for just a short time. After about 4 hours of unwrapping presents we went back and packed our stuff up and headed home. The drive was rather uneventful but it provided some much needed sister bonding time. I am so grateful I got to spend 5 solid hours with my sister. I love family time but when you are one on one with someone with pretty much no distractions it really brings up a lot. I love my sister and I'm so grateful I got a good one!

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  1. Best sister ever! Let's plan another road trip! Wilmington? Girls weekend? eh? eh? :) xoxoxo


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