Friday, February 28, 2014

February Purchase History

Are we counting items I have returned as well? I might as well do a review right? I bought these dresses in mint and pink from LuLu's and they were just a smidge too small! heartbreak. For anyone wondering I'm 5'2 32/26/36; the main problem was the waist was too high which made my waist look bigger than it is. Luckily LuLu's has a pretty good return policy. I say pretty good because it's free shipping back to them if you get it postmarked within 7 days of receiving the package. After you have 30 days and you're out $7. LAME. Especially since there have been snow days and UPS hasn't been doing the greatest job of getting packages to us lately. Not sure if I'll ever order anything from them since I have never once kept anything I've ordered.
I went on a little Ulta shop during their 20% off everything sale and got all that is below:
I got three set of the rollers since I have regularly been doing my hair with my old ones I noticed my hair got caught in my old ones a lot and wanted a whole set of velcro. They have been working like a charm! Yes I got 2 blue nail polishes, and I love this kind of Sally Hansen, they regularly go on sale for 2.99 and I love the brush and they fact that I usually only have to do one coat is a dream! The Maracuja Oil and the POREfessional are new items for me. I haven't tried the Maracuja Oil but I wanted to snatch it up while it was 20% off. I have been using the POREfessional everyday since I got it and I really love it! It's a tan color and I feel like it really smooths out my face. The Effaclar is a refill of my old face wash, the only problem with this wash is that I can't see how much I have left! But I LOVE this face wash, my face feels SO clean after I use it. I would definitely recommend it to someone with combination skin with acne issues. I will say yes it is price BUT you really only need less than a pea size to thoroughly cleanse your face, seriously!

When I went to VA I did some damage at Forever21... 
 I really love basics so when I saw this gray dress I knew I had to try it and I love the close fit. I thought it would look really great with this long vest tied together with a belt and a scarf for some comfy but cute travel clothes. I also snagged this plain black pencil skirt, given I would probably never wear this to work since it's a cotton skirt I thought it would be cute when we're going out and I want to be pulled together but more casual and I think it might push me towards trying more crop tops. And finally I went for some classic comfort, the sweatshirt I got is actually gray has a red on black 'M' on it and I LOVE it. Finally a Gryffindor sweatshirt because as an adult I still love Harry Potter. 

And then once more went to Ulta, I forgot a few things, mostly fake tan, can you tell? I really wanted to try different one's to see which ones are the best!
I wanted to try the Lorac one because I had heard a lot of good things about it! So far I am very pleased! I had also heard good things about the Bare Minerals one so I decided to add it to the cart! If you know anything about fake tanning you know you really need to exfoliate before so I got this sugar scrub. I've seen this a lot and I got the classic and it exfoliates nicely but the sugar smell is quite strong, almost to the point of being sickly but not quite, I probably wouldn't repurchase this one but it works so well I would try other scents. I got 2 free samples with my purchases, one went with my Lorac purchase and the St. Topez came with a coupon code. I hear this one is really great and I'm excited to try it! Finally I got a replacement for one of my favorite old nail polishes, of course the day I got my first Ulta purchase I got to paint my nails and this one was super gloopy! :( Don't be fooled it was SUPER old, probably from high school, I think it was its time to go. 

Okay that's all a little embarrassing! But hopefully this help to curb my habit in the future and maybe you got some good info from my mini reviews! I'll try to post an update about the tanning products when I get a chance to try them! Thanks for reading!!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Seriously, I can't believe we had a snow day. We were sitting down for our monthly birthday lunch and we saw a few flurries and then the windows turned WHITE! I don't know if I have ever seen snow come down that fast! I finally realized why people in North Carolina freak out when it snows, it's because North Carolina is severely under prepared for snow, there are no snow plows! When I lived in Virginia they had giant plows at the ready. When I went to walk Kona I saw one measly pickup with a plow attachment clearing the roads.
I left work around 1:30 to walk home with Chris and one of his co-residents. Yep, you read it correctly, we walked the 3 miles home in the snow. He was kicked off a bus before we made the trek home. Even though we slipped and slid pretty much the whole way in tights and booties but we made it! We saw so many people already abandoning their cars and lots of students walking back with 12 packs of beer. It was quite the adventure, we thought about a pit stop at Tobacco Road for some shots, you know, to warm us up but they were closing already. Luckily they still let us use it as a pit stop to warm up.
When we made it home I went to work cleaning everything in our house just in case our house decided to power down. Kona was very pleasantly surprised to have us both home so early and went to work licking all the snow! We had the next day off as well, I gave myself a little spa day and started in on some deep cleaning since I had done a surface clean the day before. We got a lot of work done and then had some hungry neighbors over for dinner. Unfortunately that little truck I saw didn't come through our neighborhood so it wasn't super safe to drive through. Thankfully Chris and I are Costco aficionados and had a fridge full of food, a mostly full wine rack and blender full of margs!

I got to go in on the second half of the day when the buses started up again and it was business as usual. And in regular North Carolina fashion the snow was pretty much completely melted by Saturday.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby Shower

This weekend my sister Noelle and I drove up to Virginia for our very good friends baby shower. Noelle came in right when I got home so we made a couple cookies for the road, and made the 5 hour trek to VA. We had probably too many stops on the way, with a baby, our own bladders and food needs we probably made 5 or 6 stops. Oops. But we made it and then proceeded to stay up til about 3 or 4 in the morning.
We were treated to one of the best breakfasts we've ever had and made our way to the mall. When you've lived in a place with good shopping and it's then taken away from you sometimes you just need to be surrounded by options. Hopefully I'll remember to write about these purchases in my Monthly Roundup. After, we went straight to Honey Pig where we met up with some friends and ate some delicious Korean BBQ. We had fun but oh boy did those little boys have fun!
 The place was packed, and no wonder, the food was delicious! After our bellies were sufficiently full we went home and rested it off by having some wonderful mug cakes! haha! You never say no to a pregnant woman right?? The next day we got up (late) had a quick breakfast and got ready for the shower! Jackson really wanted to get beautified as well...
The shower was held at Bazin's right by my old church! It was so nice, the food was excellent and our friend is more than set for her baby! She didn't want to know the sex of her baby so there was a lot of yellow, and green, and Burberry, that's gender neutral no? It was so nice to see some old friends and catch up even if it was for just a short time. After about 4 hours of unwrapping presents we went back and packed our stuff up and headed home. The drive was rather uneventful but it provided some much needed sister bonding time. I am so grateful I got to spend 5 solid hours with my sister. I love family time but when you are one on one with someone with pretty much no distractions it really brings up a lot. I love my sister and I'm so grateful I got a good one!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Beauty Life

As promised here is my brief beauty life:

I rarely wore make up or even barely shaved my legs till high school. (I'm basically hairless, people ask if I shave my arms) I would dabble in make up here and there and curl my hair, my LORD would I curl my hair! Hot curlers all the way!! But since my naturally beautiful big sister didn't wear make up neither did I.

As I entered high school while I was pretty mild natured, my skin was the one that decided to rebel. Looking back it was pretty mild to moderate acne but it was still pretty traumatizing to me. I went to unkind dermatologists who prescribed burning topical treatments, which obviously I did not want to use. How is something supposed to heal you when it hurts so much? I pretty much turned to covering it up. I was not skilled in this craft. I still remember using a CoverGirl compact and hating having to spend my well earned dollars on having a clear looking face. I did start to dabble a bit more when I started cheerleading. I still pretty much never used it unless it was for a game or competition but it had its place. I don't even remember really doing anything special for Homecomings or even Prom. I still really liked to curl my hair, life long dream to have curly hair here. I remember trying to do those old school pin curls and ending up with a weird frizzy mess. (luckily that was a weekend experiment) I liked to do other girls hair and did some for Proms and homecomings but it wasn't a passion, more a hobby at the time. 
In college I was still learning. I always felt better with something on, I learned more about eye liner, straighteners, eyelash curlers, teeth whiteners, bronzers, oh girl, bronzers, and looking back I wasn't a lush but I sure look it with those rosey rosey cheeks! Living with more girls and being in a sorority I learned and saw a bit more but it still wasn't the full blown obsession it is today. 
{early college}
 {Later college}
{That fateful Halloween!} 
It wasn't until after college I really got into makeup. My sisters best friend Nikki took us both to the MAC counter for some Halloween makeup fun. There I fell in love. The obsession began, it wasn't long until I was searching for the best item for my skin and what tones of skin I have, what eye shape I have and forming a maybe unhealthy relationship with YouTube beauty gurus. 

So there you have it, I am by no means an expert but I have tried a lot of things and I regularly get questions about items I use and what works. So I'm here to share. We're all in this together! Trying to make us look on the outside how we feel on the inside! (Apparently sometimes I'm a drag queen on the inside!)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

ULTA-mate Obsession

Okay so if you've been reading this for the past month or so you'll have noted that I may have a shopping problem, and lately that problem has been mostly residing with ULTA. Sephora is not to be counted out, they are just as much a part of the problem but ULTA, she is my chocolate. Something you love, but really shouldn't have too much of. The main reason for this is the dreaded and wonderful GIFT WITH PURCHASE. An $80 value for FREE!? WHAT!? That is my JAM! There is a promo going on right now if you're anything like me and love that kind of thing...
With my resent attempt at restraint I have not purchased this. (Although I will say I refilled some empties with their 20% your whole order, which, if I'm good, you'll see in my February Purchase history!) With that being said I have a TON of samples! I love them and actually use them. I always tell my sister about them and other people that ask me about beauty stuff so I figured I should try and share here. Write what you love right?

Be looking for my beauty history and sample reviews! What are your shopping weaknesses? What are your favorite makeup brands? What would you like reviewed?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Too much!

I can't believe it's already several days into February! I feel like we have had so much going on in our household! We went home to Charlotte, ate some yummy food, went shopping, (more on that later*) and had several doggy play dates.
Have had maybe too many drink nights with friends, got bitten by my bike, played in the snow(!), had a (kind of) last happy hour,** made a really delicious meal, felt sick (unrelated), ate out, more happy hours, {oh my, this sounds like a problem}, played paintball, watched the SleepySuperBowl, and on top of that I have started training for the Tarheel Ten Miler!  
 Yes, I actually signed up for the Tarheel Ten Miler. I have been wanting to do a long race for a while and finally knocked up the courage to just do it. Training has been a little sad since I haven't truly gotten back into working out but I've been running regularly, at a very sad slow pace but it takes time! Luckily, Nike+ has been a good friend as well as FITRadio. Those 2 apps have really come in handy for me. 

And I played paintball with the boys! Yes, I was the only girl and I actually had a lot of fun! Unfortunately that kind of activity does not really allow for a lot of pictures to be taken, so we only have one after pic on our way back home. I got hit maybe four times, probably more that just didn't explode, but otherwise it was really fun. It does kind of sting to be hit but you're just totally in the moment you forget about it until you see a bruise form. I was totally exhausted after that and feel asleep on our friends floor 'watching the Super Bowl'.  I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!

*On the shopping, I was really good! I bought a tablecloth to see how it would look in our space and it was just too much for our little eating area, and it will be returned. So technically, I didn't buy anything outside of food in the month of January! Pretty good! I love how Modern Eve does a purchase history, and I wanted to start this last year {whoops} but obviously I never started. 

**On Tuesdays Tobacco Road used to have buy anything $2.5+ and get Happy Hour food for $3, impressive? Well everyday they have $2.5 drafts! So you get a whole meal for 6 bucks! Their HH food is full burgers, full salads, large apps, it was ridiculous. Unfortunately, they stopped allowing the $2.5 drink be your ticket to getting cheap food too. Whatever, we'll probably still go. 
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