Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Update

I feel like this weekend flew by! It all started early with a coworker unexpectedly quitting! I was blown away, literally, no idea! So I had a pretty heavy work load and then my parents plans changed so they came in a day early from Richmond. Luckily our house wasn't too messy when they came over and apparently our little Kondog was a gracious host while they waited for Chris and I to get home. We were able to snag a table at Acme for dinner and dessert. I love it there, it's so good and pretty casual. My mom and I shared a few plates and Chris and Dad had some scrumptious southern cooking. I think we were all pretty tired from our long week and called it a night early. I made everyone breakfast the next morning and they headed out before the storm! There were tornado sightings near us and the alarms were going off! I guess we live close enough to a campus entity that we can hear the tornado warnings along with a voice over saying a tornado has been sighted!
We started to set up in our little interior bathroom as Mr. Chris was tying things down to our deck. Our downstairs neighbor invited us down in case it got really bad. Luckily, the alarm sounded again and it was over! It was only high winds and rain in our area.
After we got the all clear I ran out to get ingredients for this stew Chris and I have been enjoying for the past few days. I actually made 2 batches so we won't have to worry about dinner for a few nights! Chris liked it even with mushrooms! I decided to make it with red wine rather than beef broth and it was very tasty. We enjoyed the lovely weather on Sunday with a long walk with Kona. I then had to take on the arduous task of taking down our Christmas decorations. :( Yes, I waited til mid January to take them down! Don't judge! We actually still have Dr. Chris' resident tree on our deck, still lit. But what are you gonna do?

I hope everyone was safe and had a great weekend!

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