Thursday, January 9, 2014

Weekend Update

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Okay I know the 'weekend update' should probably be on a Monday but stuff happens. We had a friend and his girlfriend stay with us on Friday night and we went to The Cowfish in Raleigh and were pretty low-key. They left the next morning after helping us finish off the rest of our scones! New Years Day is my brother-in-laws birthday and we celebrated by having pizza and cupcakes at his house. My sister-in-law set up an awesome pizza bar with a TON of fixings and made sauce for everyone. It was amazing. We had the men toss the dough for us and I have to say my sister-in-laws brother-in-law {really?} was the best! He was tossing like a pro! It was really nice to visit with everyone casually. I am in a bible study with my sister-in-law as well as her 2 sisters so it was nice to see our families interact without a focus.
The next day we tried our friend Joe's Church, The Summit. They had a great speaker but I'm more of a traditional church kind of gal. But it really motivated Chris and I to find a church we both really like. We all went to Papa Mojo's for brunch and it was so delish! We got an order of beignets for the table, no one else had ever had them! I got shrimp and grits and boy I must have been really hungry because I ate the whole thing! Chris makes fun of me because he thinks I eat a single grain for breakfast a lentil for lunch and an actual meal for dinner. Not totally true, but some days you need a complete meal for breakfast. We spent Sunday engulfed in chores and enjoying Hulu. I hope everyone had a restful and wonderful weekend!

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