Friday, January 10, 2014

The story of our Kona

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I just realized that I never wrote about how Chris and I got our sweet little Kona! We knew when we moved getting a dog was part of the deal. We both have really wanted a dog for a long time but our house in Baltimore didn't allow dogs and along with our crazy schedules we just weren't comfortable raising a puppy in Baltimore City. So when we searched for places to live in Chapel Hill we made sure we would find a place that was pet friendly. Luckily we found a place with a minimal pet fee and we were officially given permission to look for a puppy. Now if you look in the archives you'll see that we pet sat while we were in Baltimore and even might have stolen my parents dog for a while. With that experience we really wanted to find a dog that had minimal shedding. Our first choice was a smaller golden doodle. The problem was we could not find one in our price range and since they are so new they really were available for rescue. I have always wanted to rescue a dog. I think dogs in pounds are just the saddest thing. So we resorted to looking online at rescues all around the Charlotte/Chapel Hill area. We did this while we were in Hawaii! That sounds crazy but that's how badly we wanted a dog. Chris was looking on Craigslist at shelters and happened upon the most adorable pictures of a spaniel mix puppy. We emailed our application from Hawaii and they confirmed we could get him when we got back. THE DAY WE GOT BACK!!!  

Obviously he's not what we initially planned on getting, but it's been a dream ever since!

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