Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Years Day

Dr. Chris and I started our day off right with a 'hangover brunch' at one of our friends houses. And, man, it was AWESOME! They had a coffee bar complete with Baileys, Kaluah and Amaretto, which was next to a Mimosa bar with all different kinds of orange juices! Everyone brought something to share, I brought white chocolate raspberry scones, (which I've made several times before) but there was also Creme Brulee French toast, southern hash browns, biscuits and gravy, grits, bacon, and all kinds of egg casseroles, seriously if they don't do it again next year I'll be so sad. After that it was such a beautiful day Mr. and I went to play the years first game of Disc Golf. 
Little Kona loves to walk with us and go crazy with other dogs. We found several other pups around that he went pretty nuts for so he was pretty exhausted when we got home. While we were relaxing and cleaning our house we got a call from one of our friends, he was going to stay at the Washington Duke that night but just realized he couldn't make it and it was too late for him to cancel without having to pay so we got to go! We decided to make a night of it and go there for dinner as well. We had eaten there a couple times in undergrad for formals. This time the dining room was closed but the bar area was still open so we had drinks, some of my new love, pimento cheese, and shared steak frites and creme brulee. 
Elevator selfies!
I was so fun and such a super random day! What a way to bring in the new year! 

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