Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year, New...

I've been thinking a lot about resolutions. Shocker, I know everyone has probably thought of resolutions in the past few weeks! This year just feels different. It's been hard moving back to North Carolina for me. Chris and I had a long talk about it the other day and luckily (?) I'm not the only one struggling. Yes we both have bible studies we go to and some acquaintances but we don't really feel like we have friends. This has been particularly hard on me since there isn't really anyone my age at my office and it can be pretty isolating, that coupled with my occasional extreme introversion doesn't a group of friends make. I don't want to throw myself a pity party because that doesn't help either. That leads me to my set of goals for this year...

1.) Continue the search for a church. We found one we actually liked in Baltimore, the land of Catholic churches, we HAVE to be able to find one in the bible belt!
2.) Put yourself out there more. This one is kind of a cheat since I've already joined the Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce. But I don't want to stop there! I want to try to be one of those people that can find a friend in a crowd. Two of my friends in Baltimore met this way, one is just an awesome outgoing girl and spotted our mutual friend at a work function and basically made her her BFF. They were in each others' weddings for goodness sake! I guess this should also pair with be a little braver!
3.) Go to a grown up gym. In Baltimore I could make friends at the school gym, why? Because everyone was roughly the same age. In Chapel Hill I feel like an old weirdo going to the school gym. Not only will this help with possibly making friends but I'll get in better shape!
4.) Be smarter about my purchases. This is on the heels of my shopping binge that went on for a while. Sometimes I feel like I want to fill the void for not having friends with other things, when I was in High School it was food, now it's beauty products. If I can't have friends I will have a closet full of rarely worn clothes and another closet full of makeup with no where to wear it. Nope. Stop it. Now!

So let me know, what are your resolutions? How do you make friends? How are you going to make this a great year for yourself? 

p.s. download the calendar from the picture above here!

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