Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year, New...

I've been thinking a lot about resolutions. Shocker, I know everyone has probably thought of resolutions in the past few weeks! This year just feels different. It's been hard moving back to North Carolina for me. Chris and I had a long talk about it the other day and luckily (?) I'm not the only one struggling. Yes we both have bible studies we go to and some acquaintances but we don't really feel like we have friends. This has been particularly hard on me since there isn't really anyone my age at my office and it can be pretty isolating, that coupled with my occasional extreme introversion doesn't a group of friends make. I don't want to throw myself a pity party because that doesn't help either. That leads me to my set of goals for this year...

1.) Continue the search for a church. We found one we actually liked in Baltimore, the land of Catholic churches, we HAVE to be able to find one in the bible belt!
2.) Put yourself out there more. This one is kind of a cheat since I've already joined the Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce. But I don't want to stop there! I want to try to be one of those people that can find a friend in a crowd. Two of my friends in Baltimore met this way, one is just an awesome outgoing girl and spotted our mutual friend at a work function and basically made her her BFF. They were in each others' weddings for goodness sake! I guess this should also pair with be a little braver!
3.) Go to a grown up gym. In Baltimore I could make friends at the school gym, why? Because everyone was roughly the same age. In Chapel Hill I feel like an old weirdo going to the school gym. Not only will this help with possibly making friends but I'll get in better shape!
4.) Be smarter about my purchases. This is on the heels of my shopping binge that went on for a while. Sometimes I feel like I want to fill the void for not having friends with other things, when I was in High School it was food, now it's beauty products. If I can't have friends I will have a closet full of rarely worn clothes and another closet full of makeup with no where to wear it. Nope. Stop it. Now!

So let me know, what are your resolutions? How do you make friends? How are you going to make this a great year for yourself? 

p.s. download the calendar from the picture above here!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Update

I feel like this weekend flew by! It all started early with a coworker unexpectedly quitting! I was blown away, literally, no idea! So I had a pretty heavy work load and then my parents plans changed so they came in a day early from Richmond. Luckily our house wasn't too messy when they came over and apparently our little Kondog was a gracious host while they waited for Chris and I to get home. We were able to snag a table at Acme for dinner and dessert. I love it there, it's so good and pretty casual. My mom and I shared a few plates and Chris and Dad had some scrumptious southern cooking. I think we were all pretty tired from our long week and called it a night early. I made everyone breakfast the next morning and they headed out before the storm! There were tornado sightings near us and the alarms were going off! I guess we live close enough to a campus entity that we can hear the tornado warnings along with a voice over saying a tornado has been sighted!
We started to set up in our little interior bathroom as Mr. Chris was tying things down to our deck. Our downstairs neighbor invited us down in case it got really bad. Luckily, the alarm sounded again and it was over! It was only high winds and rain in our area.
After we got the all clear I ran out to get ingredients for this stew Chris and I have been enjoying for the past few days. I actually made 2 batches so we won't have to worry about dinner for a few nights! Chris liked it even with mushrooms! I decided to make it with red wine rather than beef broth and it was very tasty. We enjoyed the lovely weather on Sunday with a long walk with Kona. I then had to take on the arduous task of taking down our Christmas decorations. :( Yes, I waited til mid January to take them down! Don't judge! We actually still have Dr. Chris' resident tree on our deck, still lit. But what are you gonna do?

I hope everyone was safe and had a great weekend!

Friday, January 10, 2014

The story of our Kona

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I just realized that I never wrote about how Chris and I got our sweet little Kona! We knew when we moved getting a dog was part of the deal. We both have really wanted a dog for a long time but our house in Baltimore didn't allow dogs and along with our crazy schedules we just weren't comfortable raising a puppy in Baltimore City. So when we searched for places to live in Chapel Hill we made sure we would find a place that was pet friendly. Luckily we found a place with a minimal pet fee and we were officially given permission to look for a puppy. Now if you look in the archives you'll see that we pet sat while we were in Baltimore and even might have stolen my parents dog for a while. With that experience we really wanted to find a dog that had minimal shedding. Our first choice was a smaller golden doodle. The problem was we could not find one in our price range and since they are so new they really were available for rescue. I have always wanted to rescue a dog. I think dogs in pounds are just the saddest thing. So we resorted to looking online at rescues all around the Charlotte/Chapel Hill area. We did this while we were in Hawaii! That sounds crazy but that's how badly we wanted a dog. Chris was looking on Craigslist at shelters and happened upon the most adorable pictures of a spaniel mix puppy. We emailed our application from Hawaii and they confirmed we could get him when we got back. THE DAY WE GOT BACK!!!  

Obviously he's not what we initially planned on getting, but it's been a dream ever since!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Weekend Update

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Okay I know the 'weekend update' should probably be on a Monday but stuff happens. We had a friend and his girlfriend stay with us on Friday night and we went to The Cowfish in Raleigh and were pretty low-key. They left the next morning after helping us finish off the rest of our scones! New Years Day is my brother-in-laws birthday and we celebrated by having pizza and cupcakes at his house. My sister-in-law set up an awesome pizza bar with a TON of fixings and made sauce for everyone. It was amazing. We had the men toss the dough for us and I have to say my sister-in-laws brother-in-law {really?} was the best! He was tossing like a pro! It was really nice to visit with everyone casually. I am in a bible study with my sister-in-law as well as her 2 sisters so it was nice to see our families interact without a focus.
The next day we tried our friend Joe's Church, The Summit. They had a great speaker but I'm more of a traditional church kind of gal. But it really motivated Chris and I to find a church we both really like. We all went to Papa Mojo's for brunch and it was so delish! We got an order of beignets for the table, no one else had ever had them! I got shrimp and grits and boy I must have been really hungry because I ate the whole thing! Chris makes fun of me because he thinks I eat a single grain for breakfast a lentil for lunch and an actual meal for dinner. Not totally true, but some days you need a complete meal for breakfast. We spent Sunday engulfed in chores and enjoying Hulu. I hope everyone had a restful and wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Years Day

Dr. Chris and I started our day off right with a 'hangover brunch' at one of our friends houses. And, man, it was AWESOME! They had a coffee bar complete with Baileys, Kaluah and Amaretto, which was next to a Mimosa bar with all different kinds of orange juices! Everyone brought something to share, I brought white chocolate raspberry scones, (which I've made several times before) but there was also Creme Brulee French toast, southern hash browns, biscuits and gravy, grits, bacon, and all kinds of egg casseroles, seriously if they don't do it again next year I'll be so sad. After that it was such a beautiful day Mr. and I went to play the years first game of Disc Golf. 
Little Kona loves to walk with us and go crazy with other dogs. We found several other pups around that he went pretty nuts for so he was pretty exhausted when we got home. While we were relaxing and cleaning our house we got a call from one of our friends, he was going to stay at the Washington Duke that night but just realized he couldn't make it and it was too late for him to cancel without having to pay so we got to go! We decided to make a night of it and go there for dinner as well. We had eaten there a couple times in undergrad for formals. This time the dining room was closed but the bar area was still open so we had drinks, some of my new love, pimento cheese, and shared steak frites and creme brulee. 
Elevator selfies!
I was so fun and such a super random day! What a way to bring in the new year! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Years: revisted

I had such a nice New Year's Eve I just had to share it! Dr. Chris and I went to one of his co-residents houses for a NYE soiree. It started as a simple party, apps, gourmet pizzas, and I brought the cake and champagne to toast the New Year. We were pretty mature for the most part. Cards Against Humanity brought it to a different level and luckily people got much more tame with Cranium.
 I hope everyone had a great New Year!
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