Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Ours was a 10 hour whirlwind! Since Dr. Chris was on-call this year we had to be trapped inside a 30 minute bubble around Chapel Hill so we couldn't go see our families in Charlotte. But we were able to host our first ever Christmas! Unfortunately, we didn't plan on anyone coming up so I didn't take any time off so I had to work the next day. My parents came up around 1:30 and My sister and her husband and my sweet baby nephew Jackson followed a few hours behind. I had prepared several hors d'oeuvres for snacking and my parents brought plenty of cheese, crackers, and of course, wine. I pre-made some cauliflower fritters, roasted garlic and artichoke dip, and cheeses. Sadly, we don't have any pictures to show for ourselves!!! (long story, new phone) It was so nice to visit with my parents who brought our Christmas present of a beautiful rug for our house. They actually brought 2 for us to choose between! I fell in love with this one they got from Crate and Barrel. (no longer available) I'm so glad they chose this one, I had been looking for a rug pretty much since we moved and only found a few that I really liked but was never able to see in person so I never pulled the trigger. Seeing the pictures of this rug online makes it look so different! Please compare these pics! They look like different rugs! (See someone else's anguish here.)

This was probably one of my favorite gifts this year. It really makes our house look like a home to me. After talking, drinking, eating and opening presents it was finally time to settle in for a delicious meal. Chris had been wanting to make his jerk chicken for a while and I knew my family would love a spicy Christmas! We paired it with Sweet Potato Mashed with green chilies and Garlic Broccoli and ended with a Chocolate Peppermint Bunt. Of course no meal is complete in the Gibnoz house without a couple signature drinks. We made Sparkling Amaretto Sours and Chris made his boozy Egg Nog. I'm not really a huge fan of egg nog but I LOVE Mr. Chris'! Not too sweet, not too boozy, juuuust right! He hand makes the whole thing so it's mixed to perfection! We just love to make things hard around our house but it's always so worth it!! I hope everyone got something in their stocking and that everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! See you in 2014!!!

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