Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On The Road

I've always wanted, or planned on writing about podcasts and books on tape but never had the right opportunity. Well here it is! I know many people might already be on the road, be safe out there! But for those who are still getting in those last few tasks, here is another thing to tack onto your list of things to do! I first came across audio books when I scanned a company's entirely paper-based filing system into PDF form. (awesome) After listening to music started to make me feel like my brain was going to leak out my ears my mom suggested audio books. Ummm, perfection. First one? Gossip Girl, Christina Ricci narrates awesomely, I still remember, this was in like 2006, I used an original iPod mini. Sa-weet. Then I discovered my library would let me stream audio books for free! I remember I listened to The Kite Runner and several other books narrated by the author and I fell in love. Chris and I listened to audio books on long trips for a longtime. Then I branched out to podcasts. I still listen to these way more than audio books.
These are some of my favorites:
Stuff Mom Never Told You: I have loved this one for a long time, it's all about women, and womanly things and women in history. A lot of it can be applied to the world in general but I love the hosts, past and present and the topics are super interesting.

NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour: This is a newer one I really like. It's all about different kind of pop culture and the hosts are awesome and hilarious and so well informed. They are usually around 30-45 minutes and the topics are always up to date but I still like to listen to the really really old ones too!

Aisha Tyler: Girl on Guy: I LOVE this one. Aisha Tyler is not only hilarious but she is super freaking smart, she has kick ass people on her show and it's just awesome. If you have kids in the car it may not be totally appropriate since she and her guests curse, but it doesn't bother me. I HIGHLY recommend this one, they can be quite long, usually an hour and a half to two hours. But entertaining the whole time!

NPR: Ask me Another: This is perfect for car rides! It's basically a recorded quiz show. I love to answer along, and since its through NPR you know it's good. I'll definitely be putting this on my phone before we leave!

Conversations with Maria Menounos: This is the newest one of the bunch, I think she only has about 3 interviews but so far they have been good. I wish her sound quality was a little better but other than that i have no complaints.

Go subscribe and happy driving! If any of these get boring you had better put on your crazy dancy running mix! We don't want ANY accidents this year!! Stay safe!!

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