Friday, November 8, 2013

Nordstorm Half Yearly Sale: Underpinnings

Girl if you're going to be buying new clothes you need to start at the beginning; like buildings and make up you have to start with good foundations! I think anything with a lace waist is great, no lines are the way to go! (Or Victoria's Secret is having there 7 for $26 on now too!)
My favorite everyday bras are definitely Calvin Klein with Natori and Chantelle close behind. Please take this time to get fitted! It only takes a minute and the people there are always very helpful, it really makes a huge difference when your bra fits! It will make you feel better, stand up straighter, and it really will make your clothes look better on you!
I also like tights in the winter and I've found that I really like the DKNY ones since they have a nice smooth control top without it cutting into my sides and don't suffocate. These tights are also opaque so they are hard to 'run' and easy to wash a wear!
Good luck and stay tuned for more installations for the NHYS throughout the day!

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