Monday, November 25, 2013


Well we attended another Friendsgiving this year and what a success! I made this pie again and it was a big hit! Can you tell my oven is uneven? One side seems slightly more cooked than the other...that's what you get with a thirty year old oven!
I also made these potatoes because I love leeks and who doesn't like bacon? Can I tell you, when I went to buy leeks I only found GIANT organic ones. Seriously, I've never seen a leek so huge. They were definitely abut as round as a regular 16.9 oz water bottle. I am so excited for my family's Thanksgivings! Hopefully my Granny will get out of the snow storm in Texas and will get to NC safety! This will probably be my last post this week. In the mean time have a safe and happy holiday!

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