Thursday, November 21, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Like I said on Thursday it was also my birthday weekend! I've had much discussion on the matter of fall birthday's versus summer birthdays. Many, many of my birthdays it has rained. 2 years ago in Baltimore it was like a spring day! I always had to go to school and now work, it's cold, its right in between Halloween and Thanksgiving, there's a lot to complain about. My sister on the other hand has a summer birthday July 4th to be exact. That sounds like an AWESOME birthday to me, but she always finds things to complain about. In school no one was around because it's kind of a family holiday, people never got her cupcakes because it wasn't during the school year. Umm I'm sure she has other reasons but on the upside, she will NEVER have to work on her birthday and she will ALWAYS have fireworks. Seriously? The only time that will happen for me is...umm never? In my dreams? But on the upside I plan my Christmas list early and whatever I don't get on my birthday I just ask for again for Christmas. Here are a few things that will no longer be on the Christmas list...

My favorite thing might be the perfume, it smells just like my wedding leis and my mom is getting the bottle engraved with our wedding date, which I thought was such a sweet added touch! Anything on here you are going to add to your Christmas wish list?

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