Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Cleaning

It's been a little weird the past few days. I've been in a rut since we got home. Not motivated, nothing is working! I did make it back into the gym but other than that, our house is a wreck, I can't find anything to wear and I don't have anything to say! AH! How many times have you said I have nothing to wear? 
Or everything I have makes me look fat/ugly/stupid/why did I buy this? I finally realized why I have nothing to wear, because it's time to clean it OUT! Also, do laundry, yes, the reason you have nothing to wear is because you haven't done laundry in like 3 weeks! haha! Also, we're moving in a couple months and the less we have to move down the better! Since we found a place to live and it's a bit smaller than our current house downsizing will definitely be in our favor! Even though it doesn't feel at all like spring let the cleaning begin! :) 
So tell me what gets you motivated? For me it's appointments, deadlines, rewards, and knowing I'm actually getting something DONE! 

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