Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines Date Guide

These are things you can do with your significant other, best friend, sibling, someone you love not necessarily someone you're in love with! 
Wine tasting - duh, fun, informative aaand wine! Maybe save this one for girl friends or someone you've been with for a while. You don't want to get tanked with someone new!
Go Carting - Chris and my brother-in-law love to go go-carting together, it's so much fun!
Mini golf or driving range - Being active and breaking a touch barrier if you're on a first date :)
Indoor climbing - I love to climb, also they can teach you how to tie the knots (; you can free climb or climb with a partner, I think climbers might be the nicest, most welcoming people. The first time I ever went I thought people would be snobby or something but they were super nice and helpful!
Cooking Class - learn something new and make your own dinner at the same time.
Picnic - If you live in an area what has nice weather now I would LOVE to go on a picnic. 
Hiking - If you live in an area where it's cold you can still go outside on a little hike, some champagne and lots of blankets, a little star gazing? 
Go Camping! - make a blanket fort inside! I think this is so much fun and a little throw back, romantic or just fun to hang out with your friendsies! 
Biking -ANYTHING outside! Who doesn't love a bicycle built for two!?
Game Night - Chris and I love to break out the cards and challenge each other to a good old game of Egyptian Rat Screw, you might like Catch Phrase or Settlers of Cattan or whatever!
Recreate how you met - For Mr. Chris and I that would be playing ultimate frisbee!
What sounds good to you? Do you have any more suggestions? I definitely want to do all of these in the next few months!

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