Thursday, February 14, 2013

Last minute gifts!

Ah! You're stuck! But I'm here to help! Last minute gifts for your lady friend:
Candles: You can get them ANYWHERE! Fill the room with them, unscented, or get just one really nice smelling one. 
Spa day: also, get ANYWHERE: nail polish, lotions, oils, massage tools, masks, scrubs, bath bombs, a robe or some fuzzy socks and you're golden.
Dinner: Preferably homemade but if you're really in a pinch pick up some sushi, edamame, sake, and green tea ice cream, or take out and pick up a movie your lady likes or will like or wants to see. 
Flowers: Any kind! Roses are pretty overrated, grab some from a vendor or if a fresh market still has some available or even Costco has good ones!
Or you can be majorly classic and buy something online, print out a picture of it and put it in your card!

If you're looking for something for your man:
Cologne: If you think it smells nice, he'll want to wear it!
Gift cards: itunes, restaurants, hardware stores, specialty stores, REI, the possibilities are endless!
Drinks: I feel like every guy I know has a specialty drink he loves, make him a little kit with all the best ingredients for his favorite drink. 
Candy: I know that's usually a girl thing but everyone likes candy don't they?
Ingredients: for a meal he loves but you hate to make

Good luck!

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