Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gal-entines Day!

If you're not feelin the opposite sex, or the same sex for some of you, then you should spend some time with your gals, or bros. But since I'm a girl I can tell you what I want to do for Galentines day! Obviously since we all still have to work we cant go our for a fabulous brunch and take off the get our nails done we just have to do this after work. So find a place that has champagne at the salon or get reservations where you can get your flights of champagne or wine. 
OR if you're a thrifty nickle like I am you can grab your own champagne, a couple bottles of your favorite varnish some chick flicks, maybe a mask or two and call in some take out and gab to your ladies about all that troubles you and maybe down some chocolates...and then plan how you will work off those calories! Because life goes on!  What do you have planned for Val or Galentines day?

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