Friday, February 1, 2013

Fit in February

Rabbit Rabbit! It's the first of the month! To prep for the 14th I'm going to ramp up my work out schedule and I hope you all join me. If not for your person of interest then just for yourself! Personally I feel so much better after I've worked out. So for this month I'm going to do something active four days a week. This is a short month so if you want to make a goal for only one month, this is the month to do it since it's the shortest! :)
I also tend to eat better when I'm working out because I want to make everything worth it. So for this first day of the month we're going to work out at least 4 days a week! I hope you all do it with me and we can be fit and fabulous for the 14th! I like to take classes at my gym. 20/20/20, Zumba, Crossfit, hardCORE, yoga, you name it, I'm there!

I wish I had unlimited funds to wear all the cute Lululemon, Nike, Under Armor and Zella outfits but we're working with a single income so I get to sport old sorority shirts and yoga pants. Who cares once you're there right? I'm not getting anymore out of my workout because of how I'm dressed but it wouldn't hurt to look a little cuter no?
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