Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I have decided to put myself on a little shopping ban. Why you ask? I'm pretty sure I'm out of control, that's probably an exaggeration but looking at what I've been purchasing and tempted by, I've decided to put myself on an all out ban on clothing. This might not be hard for the average person but I work across the street from a mall! I literally see cute things everyday! AH! Also, gifts with purchase? Forget about it! I almost caved to the Saks GIANT gift with purchase. Tempting tempting!!! I'm going to put a filter on my email so I won't be tempted by coupons, email blasts, new collections etc. If any of you are wondering how to do that here are instructions. I guess I could give it up for lent a couple weeks late even though I'm not Catholic ;) Are any of you giving anything up for lent? Have you ever given anything up? I feel like this is like another New Years Resolution but much shorter!

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