Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentines Day!

Ok I know I'm probably a little crazy but, I love Valentine's Day! I used to not like it, I mean I still don't like the force behind it. That you can just not do nice, romantic things on the regular because you have a holiday to save you. People in relationships should do fun, romantic things all the time! BUT the reason I like the money-making corporate holiday that is Valentine's Day is the fact that stores and shops are filled with adorable pink and red hearts! I have become such a girly-girl, and apparently, a huge sucker. I just love LOVE! I get overly excited when people get engaged and cry at every wedding.
Why am I talking about Valentines a month before it even happens? Because I came across these bowls and mugs:
and I just had to share because I think they are so sweet and like I said, I love me some hearts! Now I want to start planning something fun to do with Mr. Chris. Since the day is on a Thursday we might go rock climbing if we have survived snowboarding! Do you guys like to do anything on Valentines Day? Do you hate Valentines day? Let me know!

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