Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ulta-mate love

The other day I went to Ulta, one of my favorite place to get cosmetics. Higher end, drug store AND their own store brand are available there. The main reason I went was to return an under-eye concealer. Thankfully Ulta has a very good return policy and they let me return a high end concealer. I had heard so many good things about Benefits Erase Paste and unfortunately for me, it just did not do the job. It creased so easily, I would apply it, fill in my eyebrows and have to dab under my eyes because it had already creased! I was sorely unimpressed and I had just dropped $30 on that sucker! Thankfully they let me return it and try a different one. Right now I'm using Stila Perfecting Concealer and so far it's getting the job done!
I also purchased some more Baby Lips because I love them so much! I got Coral Crush and Melon Mania. Neither really add any color to your lips and Melon Mania is by far my favorite smell. I think it smells like a pink tropical starburst, not melon at all, but so yummy smelling! I don't particularly like the smell of Coral Crush, it smells like an orange cough drop, slightly menthol and not the satsuma scent I love so much. I already owned Quenched, which smells like a lemon Haribo gummi bear and Cherry Nice which smells like a cherry slushy and gives a slight red tint to your lips.  I almost forgot I have Pink Punch which smells like fruit punch and leaves a slight light pink on the lips.
I was sorely sorely tempted to get some nail polishes, but resisted! It took a lot of strength! Right now I really want some lighter blues and darker greens, like a hunter or emerald and a lilac color. Do you have any favorites? 

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul and review! What are your favorite products? Any holy grail items you just can't live without? Please let me know!

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