Monday, January 21, 2013

This long weekend

We'll it's not actually a long weekend for me, I have to go to work! But happy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to you all and Happy Inauguration Day! I am relieved I didn't have to go into DC today but it would still be fun to participate in the day! I know a few people that are braving the cold to see the acts and the swearing in and all the excitement the day has to offer! If you're snuggled in bed or just taking it easy today,  here is a quick little rundown of my weekend!
Friday: Pep Rally at the Inner Harbor! 
Thinking about some peplum...
Dinner with dad and taking a pretty unattractive picture?
Saturday: Finally organizing and putting away the Christmas tree...
Getting creative with the larger ornaments that wouldn't fit in the organizer...
Made Sweet Potato and Chorizo Lettuce Wraps and watched Moonrise Kingdom with Mr. Chris!
Sunday: Watched the Ravens/Pats game!
Drove through the bedlam that was Baltimore. 
{Taken by @DowntownDiane}
How was your weekend? Crazy? Fun? Sad? Awesome? How are you spending your day off? I'm jealous of you.

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