Friday, January 18, 2013

Purple Friday!

So I'm not a huge football fan. I like to watch it, but I do not keep up with it. In fact I might be the worst about watching it, so much so that I got an award for WORST fantasy footballer ever...
{Hey, I was traveling!}
But I do live extremely close to Ravens Stadium, so close that when we went to the very first game this season Mr. Chris and I just walked then came home and watched non-residents get towed from in front of our house. Sorry guys, if you ask us, we'll tell you where you can park ticket and tow free. I've actually moved our car so people can park in the unrestricted areas. Same goes for O's games! Back to the point, Go Ravens! I hope you're wearing your purple because I have no idea how well the Pats have been doing {read above} so this might be our last purple Friday in Baltimore! 

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