Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pop Physique

{From Pop Physique Baltimore's Facebook Page}
Several months ago I along with one of the dental girls bought a Groupon for 10 classes for Pop Physique. You're probably wondering what that is because they only have 14 locations and most of them are in California. Pop Physique is a mixture of barre, Pilates, yoga and isometric exercises. It wasn't quite what I expected out of a barre class. Kristin and I both came in with the expectation of having maybe a couple 8 counts and possibly a bit more dance thrown in there. We actually unfortunately, came in late due to the Circulator not coming when it said it would! (grrr) But the people there were very nice and let us right in just having us sign a waiver before we started since it was our first class. So we jumped into the arm work they had already started on a mat (already set out for us) using our own body weight, it got pretty rough towards the end. Then we picked up a couple very small weights and started isometrics. I think if you have never done dance or isometrics before this might be a bit hard to do the first time out. We moved on to barre work, floor work and we used small balls for balance and leg work. When it was over I felt good about working out but not in the way I would feel after a good run or Crossfit. I wasn't sweating at all. I guess I expected a little more. I guess with a name like Pop Physique I wanted a little more action! :)
Today I'm a little sore. Not "Oh Lord I can't walk" sore, more like "I haven't had a proper workout in 2 months" sore. It's mostly in my booty, the backs of my legs and my upper back, but again, not painful just a dim soreness. 
I will definitely go back, mostly because I have 9 classes left but I don't know if I will return after that. I really like going to the school gym and Mr. Chris and I are getting a month membership to a climbing gym in February. So I'll let you know how it works out with Pop Physique! Have any of you taken classes like that? Do you like them? Do you have any recommendations?

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