Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Long Distance Relationships

This is just a snippet of my knowledge of LDRs. After all Mr. Chris and I were long distance for SEVEN YEARS! AKA the entire time we dated up until we were married. I saw an ad for these lights a few days ago and thought they were so sweet. 
Basically one person turns on the light and it remotely turns on your partners light, no matter where they are. It also reminded me of when I would run home from a friends house in my neighborhood and would flash our front porch light to let them know I got home safely. There used to be bears or pillows one person could hug and the corresponding bear would light so it was like you were hugging each other. I always wanted one but they were at least $100+ and on a poor college students budget that just wasn't going to happen. Luckily Mr. Chris and I both had cell phones that we could call each other every night so we could stay close. Have any of you been in a long distance relationship? Would you want to hear more about our experience and how we managed to see it through to what I like to think of as a wildly successful marriage? {hahaha jk!} But seriously, anyone want to hear more?

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