Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last Years Resolutions!

AH! I can't believe it's been a year already! It was a year ago I threw together a million appetizers and dips for our orphan party and had a blast!? This year was the complete opposite. Mr. Chris and I had a planned dinner that we made quietly in our house and watched a couple movies before making our way to the roof to watch the fireworks and have our first kiss of the New Year. A quiet beginning to a crazy year! Seriously, the next 6 months are going to be insane! But I am so happy with everything we have going on I am so grateful for the people I've surrounded myself with and their ongoing support. 
Sorry veering off into a totally different subject! Back on track to the resolutions! Here are my goals I gave myself last year, let's see how well I did...
1.} Go to the gym at least once a week...I actually kept up with this one and kind of need to ramp it up a bit this year! CHECK.
2.} Join a club/volunteer more...I did! So far I'm really enjoying it and want to do more volunteering! CHECK.
3.} Write more letters...this one kind of dropped off. What am I supposed to write? I don't even do Christmas cards!?
4.} Finish house projects from 2011! Chandelier never happened, I re-purposed the fabric into fun Christmas/Valentines decor! :) CHECK.5.} Be a better employee...I got more responsibility and was involved in projects, CHECK.
6.} Write in the blog at least 2 times a week! umm, let's just not talk about this one. half check?
7.} Donate the things we don't need, want or use anymore. DONE. Still doing.  DOUBLE CHECK.
8.} Stop being so scared. Bangs didn't happen, but other 'out-of-the-box' things did, so CHECK.
9.} Find a church. CHECK.
10.} Finally to keep at least half of these goals and work on them each month. ohhhh yeah, CHECK PLUS. :)

This years goals up tomorrow, promise! :)

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