Friday, January 4, 2013

Favorite Christmas Gifts

Well if you're wondering from this post I did get my squirrel, cook book, Gold Polka-dot jammies, and my wine bow ties and a few other items that I LOVE! My husband surprised me by getting me these gold shoes!
I'm obsessed with gold, or any metallic, but mostly gold for right now. Just call me Midas because I got ANOTHER pair of gold shoes from Mr. Chris' parents! I been wanting these for quite a while and could never bring myself to buy them for myself since I already have a pair of perfectly good tan Sperry's.
My favorite thing I got might be the gold polka dot pajamas because of the hunt Mr. Chris had to go on to find them. He called all the surrounding stores in Baltimore AND in Charlotte since our parents live there, they could just pick them up. Finally he found a Target in Severna that would hold them for him! Severna is about an hour away from us! He had to tell me he was going shopping for his dad while I was making dinner, so I wouldn't be able to go with him. SO sneaky! What is your favorite present you received this year? 

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