Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coconut Banana Bread Muffins

I wanted to make a snack that I could munch on while I make the long long drive down to North Carolina, I knew I had all the ingredients for these. I made them last night, I can honestly say they are so delicious! I've made them before and I would love to make them again. They are so easy to make and provide a quick and healthy start to the day. As an added bonus they can be made vegan with egg replacements! Chris and I are usually pretty good about not letting things go bad but bananas can be easy to forget about! So I usually just pop them in the freezer once they get mushy. This was the first recipe I ever used coconut oil in and it was quite the experience. When I think 'oil' I think liquid. Nope this is white and hard but it's an excellent and healthy substitute for butter. You can melt it down to liquid form and use it as a substitute for canola oil or the like. The only problem with this recipe I didn't realize until I was putting in my second batch to bake? My car mate is ALLERGIC TO COCONUT! oops! I guess I won't be sharing! :( Full recipe HERE.

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