Friday, January 25, 2013

Baltimore City Restaurant Week!

YAY! This is something that I always look forward to! Most cities have a Restaurant Week to promote the local restaurants and get people into the city to experience new places, and hopefully persuade patrons to go back again and again. The deal in Baltimore is pay $15.13 for a 2 course lunch or $20.13-$30.13 for a three course dinner. You can check out all the restaurants and see the prix-fixe menus here. This year it starts today, January 25th and runs until February 3rd. Get your reservations in so you don't miss out!
Chris and I almost always try to take advantage and try new places. This year we're going to an old favorite, The Brewers Art. I looked into the places long ago and knew I wanted to go back to Brewers so I made a reservation for tonight! Where do you guys want to go? Does your city have a restaurant week? Where are your favorite places to go in Baltimore?

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