Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mr. Chris had Monday and Tuesday off because his faculty were on a retreat so he got a chance to do whatever he wanted! Like sleep in and...I don't really know what he likes to do when he's alone! The other students were busy studying for boards or went home. He did something to do with technology in our house, don't ask me what, I have no idea. Since he ran out of things to do I got to give him a grocery list! Ah! This never happens!
It's funny to send someone out to get things for you, I tried to be very specific but there were a few things he wasn't sure what they were, like polenta, leeks or a dough cutter. So instead of going to the store and picking things up and eating a hurried meal, I got to go home and go to the gym and then start dinner! Ah! It's the little things! I made this soup on this not-so-cold evening so we can have that for the next few days. 
The reason going to the gym is so important right now is because since Chris and I did so much traveling and eating, and sitting and eating, that left very little room for gym time and I feel like I might have gained 50 pounds! I'm glad I went though because I met my instructor whose name is also Maris(s)a, went to UNCW, moved here in August 2011, is from Charlotte, and is dating a dental student! How crazy is that!? What are your gym routines? Is there a class you like to take or do you like to go solo? 

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