Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dinner Last Night {again}

Mr. Chris and I went a little cray last night for dinner. Like, a mini feast was had. I really wanted to make this recipe from Edible Perspective and when Chris heard 'steak' all he wanted was an actual meat steak. So I relented and he made a steak for himself. Little did he know how delicious and filling the meal was going to be! I don't think he regretted making beef steak but I think he was a little sad he didn't get to eat as much of the cauliflower steak as I did! ;) He is now insisting we make the roasted red pepper sauce a regular addition to our meals, and stole ALL of the leftovers for his own lunch! So for those men who insist on being carnivores, there is hope out there!
I won't embarrass myself with my own pictures of the meal because it just won't do it justice! PLUS Ashley is an actual photographer and takes AMAZING pictures. She comes up with all of these amazing recipes herself and is even coming out with a cookbook for 101 Gluten Free {and some vegan} Doughnuts! Amazing! I found her through my sister who knows her because their husbands worked together. Now Ashley lives in Colorado but they still keep in touch!
Doesn't that look delicious!?
I also decided to finally bake an apple pie for Chris. I went with this one. I will do another blog post about my modifications because I had a few, and I want to remember so I can make it again! It was SO delicious! Any amazing food blogs you guys follow? Or recipes you go back to a lot?

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