Monday, December 3, 2012


After all the excitement of learning Chris made it to his first choice school I had to quickly turn around and focus on the 2 parties we were having at my house that week! Noelle came in around 12:30 a.m on Wednesday. Thankfully I had finished cleaning the house preparing for her arrival. We unpacked her car as fast as possible and hurried to bed!
Thursday was the day of the first party, mostly work and dental friends from Baltimore. We had fun eating, chatting and browsing. Noelle had some new things not on her website that we all fawned over. It was a nice low key evening for us. 
Friday I opened our house up to our DC friends and we had such a blast! Most of them had never been to my house and it was so nice to have them come to me. More of the same, chatting eating, and lots of drinking! The girls enjoyed my signature drink while all the boys sipped on beers and talked boy talk in the kitchen. (More on the menu in a later post!) All in all the parties were a success and it was so fun to have an excuse to get friends together! Of course the worst part is I didn't take a SINGLE PICTURE! Luckily, Noelle took a couple before people got there. Check out her take on her blog!

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