Monday, December 10, 2012


This weekend Mr. Chris and I took advantage of "Dollar Days" at the National Aquarium. Well, I did. I got up around 8:30 and ran to the Aquarium to wait in line about an hour and half to get our tickets for ONE DOLLAR to go to the aquarium and 2 $5 tickets to the Polar Express 4-D Experience, so our whole adventure was less than half of a regular ticket! After I got out tickets I pickup up some Starbucks for the 2 of us and walked home to get ready. I most literally rolled out of bed to get the tickets!
After a bit of primping we headed back over to the aquarium and saw so many different kind of aquatic life! It made me want to go back to Hawaii so badly! We saw some being fed, and some had to work to get their food, they used their fins to squirt water and knock a cricket off a branch. It was pretty cool! It was a little crazy since so many other people wanted to take advantage of this deal but we had fun and then made our way to The Gallery to scope out some deals for Christmas! We ended up picking up a few things and then heading home to make some well deserved tacos!
Our Sunday was pretty quiet, we went to church where we were serenaded by steel drums! Then went home and made some waffles, and relaxed with Mr. Jack.

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  1. Marisa,

    Thanks for paying us a visit! Dollar Days can be a crazy time, but we're so glad to see that you both enjoyed your visit. Happy holidays and we hope to see you again in the new year!

    The National Aquarium team


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