Monday, October 22, 2012

Whirlwind {3 of 3}

On Sunday Heather and I had to wake up early because we were running a race. Not any old race, THE COLOR RUN! Chris drove down to join us in the cluster that was National Harbor. It was a little crazy but we got there without pulling our hair out or killing anyone so that was a plus. Finally when we got to our heat we had a blast!
It's untimed so it's not really a race but it was nice to get out and finally do some running after all our travel.
We enjoyed throwing our colors and the dance party and everything! But it was a long weekend for all of us and we were all ready to go home and have some lunch. Chris and I ended up going to Panera in full Color Run messiness with all the church goers. But we were so hungry we didn't care! We went home, showered, napped, ate dinner and went to bed early, I had a long week ahead of me! Have any of you done the Color Run? Did you have a blast? Did you have a cool team name?

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