Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So last I wrote I was returning from Phoenix only to come back to a packed week of: Season THREE of Downton Abbey with friends in Mount Vernon; Chris gone to interview at NOVA in Fort Lauderdale; and then packing for not only an interview at Montefiore but also a wedding in New York City! All this in 3 days! Ah! I can't believe we survived it! But I had the images of Downton in my brain to keep me calm! ;)
Downton Season Three is seriously amazeballs guys. I won't give anything away besides that it's amazing and if you haven't gotten on the bandwagon you need to. STAT! It picks back up in the US on January 6th.

Mr. Chris really liked visiting Florida, and one of his best friends, oh yeah and interviewing...
I had to pick him up literally at the crack of dawn on Friday. Just enough time for us to pack and get probably 3 hours of sleep before we BoltBus-ed up to New York! Thankfully I can sleep pretty much anywhere and promptly hit the snooze as soon as I found a spot. More about our trip to New York next!

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