Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh hi there!

Oh my goodness the door has be shoved open and I am allowed back into my blog! I have no idea what happened but I guess blogger revamped itself so now I'm back! And not a moment too soon! We missed all of summer but it's cool because it wasn't anything too spectacular. But thankfully our Fall will be packing a punch! The one big thing that happened over the summer is I found out


Ah! We found out via Skype that we'll be welcoming my little nephew in 5 months! My dad had to be up here for work so we got the watch together. After celebrating, me, my dad, and Chris went to Woodberry Kitchen and stuffed ourselves silly. Enjoying the lovely farm to table fair and sharing a bottle of wine, we all went to bed with very full bellies. We took dad to the airport and said our goodbyes before Chris and I went on a baby extravaganza. Bye bye paycheck! Little boy clothes are just too adorable! Then we had our own wild weekend filled with friends, birthdays and a couple more late nights.
In other news Chris and I are going to be doing A LOT of traveling throughout October and November. He is applying to schools for Orthodontics and going to interviews all over the country and I'll be right next to him the whole time. We're pretty excited to visit all these cool places we've never been before and do some exploring! It's a very exciting time in our house! So be on the lookout for our clues and see where we go next!



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