Wednesday, October 17, 2012


After only a few interruptions from an older couple next to us we woke up safe and sound in New York! We were dispatched right next to Madison Square Garden and Korea town. Of course neither of us was in the mood for Korean but completely famished. We quickly walked several blocks to find Havana NY and helped ourselves to a couple cubanos. We then walked around and acclimated ourselves to the NY Subway, our first stop was Central Park to hang out while we waited for the rest of our party to come in from Philly and Seattle. About 30 minutes before (we thought) they were due to come in Chris suggested we start walking. He said it was about a mile. Our place was in Harlem. DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A MILE TO YOU!?
In all we walked almost 10 miles! So by the time we got there I was exhausted to the brink of tears. We had already been walking since we got there and I was obviously exhausted. Apparently Chris thought I was going to cry because of where we were staying. Either way we finally made it and we waited for the rest of our friends to meet us. We had set plans for later that night to see Eric and Laura before their wedding celebration. Since we were all tired and one of us was on a three hour time difference we found a place to eat nearby. This place might have been the nicest place for Mexican food in Harlem, La Condesa. They were SO nice, not only the people that worked there but the patrons as well. We all ended up chatting and eating for around four hours! It was a blast, we shared some guacamole and calamari and I got an enchilada which I don't normally get but it was highly recommended and Chris and I shared what was basically a bananas foster and a Mexican hot chocolate. Then we finally rolled out a bit closer the the Upper West Side to the Five Lamps Tavern for drinks and to meet Laura and Eric's families. It was so nice to meet the people who helped form the two people we all love so much. The siblings are always the best to meet because they know everything about them. We headed back far too late and we all promptly passed out. But not after the fellas enjoyed there usual nosh of late night McDonalds. Oh boys!

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