Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gone Girl

Whilst doing all this traveling I have somehow managed to work in a whole book into the mix! I have mentioned a few times here I was a Chi Omega in college. Now I am an active member of our Alumnae Association for the Greater Baltimore Area and currently lead the book club. This was our first book and I stressed probably too much about which book to choose. Should I choose one I've read and know is good? Should I choose the classic first book of To Kill A Mockingbird, written by a fellow Alumna? Should I choose one no one has read? UGH! So many questions! I finally decided on Gone Girl, one I hadn't read but wanted to and was apparently on a lot of ladies 'to read' list! Whew! We had our first gathering the other night  at Wit and Wisdom and I was pretty nervous!

What if no one showed? What if no one read it? What if they hated it? 
Finally I had 2 takers! We discussed the book and we had a great time! This book is fantastic  I really loved it. However there were a few times it made me feel a little down on marriage, only because of the characters actions, and that I am a sensitive person in that regard. But otherwise it is wonderfully written and such a twisted plot that I think a lot of people would really enjoy it. Mr. Chris is even reading it! Have any of you read Gone Girl? What did you think??

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