Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Service and Parties for St Patty's

The weekend after ‘Pi Day’ Chris and I went on an all day Habitat for Humanity Build. I know, what a way to spend St. Patrick’s day! But we hadn’t done it in a long time and thought it would be a good way to meet some new people. It was slightly embarrassing that we could just walk to the site from our house, but that’s Baltimore for you! We got there at 8 on the dot and started learning how to mortar! Husband and I filled and created an entire wall! It was really fun, since everyone is kind of doing the same thing you get to learn a lot about the people you work with. I learned that our pastor and his wife like Girl Talk and that most of the people work in Hopkins and people loooove to talk about Young Life. It was a fun day full of hard work and it was really nice to do some service for our city. Afterwards Chris and I sat on the deck and soaked up what little sun the day had left to give. I took a nap (oh man this is becoming a theme!) and woke up to news that Craig and Lauren were willing to give their Girl Talk tickets to us! AH! Unfortunately, I had not taken a shower, and had been asleep! Oh man! I really wanted to go but my body just wasn’t into it! Thankfully some of my work friends were more than happy to take them off their hands and enjoyed the concert! On Sunday I went down to DC to congratulate Heather on finishing her first Half Marathon!  You go girl!

Several of our other friends ran as well and one ran the full! Whew those girls are kickin’! To congratulate them we had a little cookout with lots of friends, food, pups and bocce! I dropped a bag of work clothes off at Heather’s so I would only have to tote a big bag one way on Tuesday for our sleepover!! AH! More on that one later! I hope you had a great weekend as well! xo, m

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