Monday, March 5, 2012

Glass Blowing

This weekend I spent some quality time with my fellow dental student girlfriends. I started off by going to Towson Mall with an old pro and picking up some much needed make-up refills! Then we met up with the rest of our crew ate some lunch and headed out to McFadden Art Glass. At first I thought this was kind of a dorky outing but figured it would be fun to try something new. {I guess I forgot I had been to Venice and seen all the shops where they make the most amazing glass pieces.} So we decided what we wanted to make: 2 icicle ornaments, a necklace and a shot glass. I volunteered to go first and it was so fun! I decided on turquoise and red as my colors for my icicle and we got started! I had to heat up the glass and man was it hot! Turn, turn, turn so the malleable glass doesn't fall off the punty {the pole} then we flattened it out on the bench, {marver?} turn, turn, turn, into the furnace, {glory hole!} a little more flattening and pulling with flat head tweezers and turning to make it spiral. Our glassmith sniped the end off and helped me smooth the end out with a blow torch to make a loop and then we placed it in some insulation for it to cool. It was so fun! I then watched the other girls make their pieces and I even got to blow some glass for the shot glass! While we waited for the glass to cool we walked around the shop, they have pieces everywhere! In the bathroom......and in the ceiling! It was pretty cool and really fun! I definitely recommend going. It is such a craft and so fun to watch the pros do it! Check out McFadden Art Glass if you're ever in Baltimore, they have a beautiful and fun collection of glass pieces for sale and even a couple lamps a la Chihuly. I hope you had a creative weekend!



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