Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Service and Parties for St Patty's

The weekend after ‘Pi Day’ Chris and I went on an all day Habitat for Humanity Build. I know, what a way to spend St. Patrick’s day! But we hadn’t done it in a long time and thought it would be a good way to meet some new people. It was slightly embarrassing that we could just walk to the site from our house, but that’s Baltimore for you! We got there at 8 on the dot and started learning how to mortar! Husband and I filled and created an entire wall! It was really fun, since everyone is kind of doing the same thing you get to learn a lot about the people you work with. I learned that our pastor and his wife like Girl Talk and that most of the people work in Hopkins and people loooove to talk about Young Life. It was a fun day full of hard work and it was really nice to do some service for our city. Afterwards Chris and I sat on the deck and soaked up what little sun the day had left to give. I took a nap (oh man this is becoming a theme!) and woke up to news that Craig and Lauren were willing to give their Girl Talk tickets to us! AH! Unfortunately, I had not taken a shower, and had been asleep! Oh man! I really wanted to go but my body just wasn’t into it! Thankfully some of my work friends were more than happy to take them off their hands and enjoyed the concert! On Sunday I went down to DC to congratulate Heather on finishing her first Half Marathon!  You go girl!

Several of our other friends ran as well and one ran the full! Whew those girls are kickin’! To congratulate them we had a little cookout with lots of friends, food, pups and bocce! I dropped a bag of work clothes off at Heather’s so I would only have to tote a big bag one way on Tuesday for our sleepover!! AH! More on that one later! I hope you had a great weekend as well! xo, m

Monday, March 26, 2012

Let's take a trip!

AH! So blogger works on husbands computer! Let's see how long this works! I realized I didn’t do an update on our weekend in Easton! It was husbands Spring Break and we decided to take a mini vacay to the Easter Shore of Maryland. Luckily, it is only about an hour and a half drive away so we could go to church, have a nice lunch, and leisurely make our way to Easton. But of course we had to stop at the outlets first! What’s a vacation without some new duds huh?! We got Mister a whole new outfit plus a couple extras and I got a pretty green dress and white textured jacket. Chris thinks it’s so funny that I love a bargain. I mean who doesn’t!? (We got 40% extra off our purchase!) Then we made our way to the Tidewater Inn in Easton.
We found it, and it was SO cute! Chris was relieved since I had been pretty sparse on the details. We ate across the street at Banning’s Tavern for dinner, Mister had the Sheppard’s Pie and I had some good ole clam chowder. After a few after dinner drinks we were ready to climb into our luxurious king bed.
The next day we hopped on our bikes (provided) and pedaled our way to St. Michaels. Oh wait, no, no we didn’t. We pedaled all the way to Oxford. Lo and behold our brochures told us the ferry was open in March. Nope, that baby is closed till April! AH!  

So we biked 10 miles just to turn around and drive our tired tushes to St. Michaels for a wine tasting. At least we got a really good work out! We were also expecting some scenic views but we were definitely biking down a highway! Oh well! The wine tasting was totally worth it though! We went to St. Michaels Winery and we got two free tastings and every additional was only $1! We ended up buying 4 bottles of wine, one for our good friend in Belgium. (Who I heard through the grapevine (ha!) was bringing us something back!) Then we walked around and went through every little shop that was open and then found some late lunch sushi.
We went back and had ourselves a little nap! That’s what a 20 mile bike ride, wine and food will do to a girl! We then went to grab some delicious BBQ from The BBQ Joint. I had the pulled pork (natch) and Mister had ribs. Both were so good! Not exactly like back home but a good contender!
The next day we walked around then packed up and headed home. All that eating out made me homesick and ready for some of my own food. I forgot! Our breakfast was included and we both had eggs Benedict, pancakes or an omelet both mornings! All in all it was a great break from the norm and so nice to get away with just the Mister! Happy Travels!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Is going on? I can't get onto blogger it just shows a blank page and every computer I try on? Weird! I'm writing this through the blogger app which is not phenomenal...help? Anyone?! This had been going on for at least a week. Hence the lack if posting. Apologies friends! xo,

Pi day!

Something weird is going on with the blogger web page but I hope you all had a wonderful weekend which I will update you on soon! And I hope you had some pie for Pi Day yesterday! Nerd alert husband and I had a pizza pie last night! :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coffee and Tea

It's no secret that I love coffee. I wouldn't call myself a coffee snob but some people seem to think that since I like coffee black I know all about it! Not true! I didn't know what 'bone dry' meant {all foam rather than milk} or what a macchiato was. {Until some obvi research} Macchiato literally means 'marked' so a latte macchiato would be mostly milk 'marked' with a shot of espresso and a regular macchiato is espresso 'marked' with a little milk, which is where you will see the fun designs like this:

The whole point of this post is that I've made a glorious discovery. But first the background: I love Fresh Market coffee, I wish there was a closer one than Towson but I'm grateful for that one either way! My favorite kind is Cinnamon Hazelnut. I've been drinking it for years! I went to restock this weekend when I went to Towson Mall and they didn't have any pre-ground! So I put a little in the grinder and searched for another kind. I found Caramel Macchiato. My life has changed. I love it! I had never even had a caramel macchiato before but I love this coffee. Plus! Since I am so lazy sometimes; I had some left over coffee and decided to try a little experiment. Since the one 'fancy' thing I order is a mocha I thought I would try to make my own. I poured a 1/2 cup of old {gross right?} coffee in a cup and stirred in hot chocolate mix and filled the rest with hot water. The result: husband running down the stairs demanding 'What is this magic!?' Mister usually doesn't like hot chocolate but he loooooves this! {He also used to not like coffee either!} I thought I would share this treat with all you coffee and mocha lovers since it stirred quite the excitment in our house. Happy Hump day friends! Stay awake!


p.s. here is a little diagram to help you to know what's what...cred

Monday, March 5, 2012

Glass Blowing

This weekend I spent some quality time with my fellow dental student girlfriends. I started off by going to Towson Mall with an old pro and picking up some much needed make-up refills! Then we met up with the rest of our crew ate some lunch and headed out to McFadden Art Glass. At first I thought this was kind of a dorky outing but figured it would be fun to try something new. {I guess I forgot I had been to Venice and seen all the shops where they make the most amazing glass pieces.} So we decided what we wanted to make: 2 icicle ornaments, a necklace and a shot glass. I volunteered to go first and it was so fun! I decided on turquoise and red as my colors for my icicle and we got started! I had to heat up the glass and man was it hot! Turn, turn, turn so the malleable glass doesn't fall off the punty {the pole} then we flattened it out on the bench, {marver?} turn, turn, turn, into the furnace, {glory hole!} a little more flattening and pulling with flat head tweezers and turning to make it spiral. Our glassmith sniped the end off and helped me smooth the end out with a blow torch to make a loop and then we placed it in some insulation for it to cool. It was so fun! I then watched the other girls make their pieces and I even got to blow some glass for the shot glass! While we waited for the glass to cool we walked around the shop, they have pieces everywhere! In the bathroom......and in the ceiling! It was pretty cool and really fun! I definitely recommend going. It is such a craft and so fun to watch the pros do it! Check out McFadden Art Glass if you're ever in Baltimore, they have a beautiful and fun collection of glass pieces for sale and even a couple lamps a la Chihuly. I hope you had a creative weekend!



Friday, March 2, 2012

February Resolutions

1, 2, cha cha cha!
I can't believe February went by so fast! Even with that one extra day! Thankfully the resolutions have been kept! I was slightly heart broken when one of my letters came back a month after I had sent it but that won't stop me! :) We've been a little behind on the house projects but that is mostly because I've been keeping up with the other resolutions I want to keep. And in all honesty the other ones are much more fun! :) We're going to try another church this Sunday in the city so we'll see how that goes! I hope you are keeping up with your resolutions! Here is my original list if you want to take a little lookie! Have a fab weekend friends!



Thursday, March 1, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

I'm seriously behind...on a lot of things, sleep is the number one and it's all to blame on last weekend! But I regret nothing! :) Last weekend our office sponsored a ski weekend! It's a tradition in our firm to have an annual ski trip but it is always out west where our headquarters is. So being the very frugal rising professionals we are we campaigned to have our own office ski trip to the Poconos! {With a few catches of course!} We all had to get up at 4 a.m.! That's right people while you were snuggled in your beds or walking home from the clubs, we were getting ready to drive 4 hours for a mountain adventure. It was a blast though! It had just snowed when we got there and it was absolutely perfect! Chris taught me some new ways to improve my snowboarding we took a break for lunch and to regroup and hit the slopes once more. I took a few too many hard hits the first ride down so I stayed inside and rested and to my surprise while waiting at the bar most of the rest of our party came back as well! We were all so exhausted we couldn't take it anymore! So we went tubing and had so much fun! I didn't think it would be as fun as it was. It was a perfect way to end the day. That, and a lot of food and the comfiest bed ever! The next day we made it back and some how made it to the gym and watched the Oscars. How I stayed awake to watch the end I will never know! Hope this weekend is full of rest! How about you!?xo,
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